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Psychological problems of communication of people and their solutions. Fears, fixations, anchors.

All internal psychological problems in the communication of people and their causes are hidden exactly where you would never even have thought of looking for them. And they hide so skillfully, because it is you who hides them. And you certainly know those places where you would never have climbed to look for them. They are very well hidden and so unpleasant that accidentally encountering them, it is easier for us to shove them back and deeper. There are ways to solve psychological problems, but they are not very pleasant and require rethinking everything you know about it.

It’s like a little kid with a bad tooth. The tooth hurts, does not allow to live normally, but to the doctor – not at all. Trying to play toys, watch TV, the main thing is to at least temporarily escape from the problem. If you add to everything the fact that you live in the Middle Ages, where dentists are a rare phenomenon and few people know about them, and the level of their professionalism is still in question, then the easiest way is to really get distracted and forget about it. Drink painkillers and somehow continue to live.

Now the solution to psychological problems is something like dental treatment in the Middle Ages. All this is just beginning to appear in our lives, and few people still realize how important this is. Solving problems is not a very pleasant process, but it’s your choice to have a toothache all your life or to heal it once and for all.

What is the main problem of pickups and pickups?
IMPORTANT: what I will write further, many may not like. However, do not draw premature conclusions. Read to the end. Pay attention to the fact that all this is written by a person who went in a pickup truck through fire, water and copper pipes.

The story of the appearance of the pickup truck owes to the very successful Macho-men. The best males that could only be imagined or invented. The males that girls adore.

However, who is the pickup most attracted to? Who is most attracted to the idea of ​​“you will have as many women as you want”? Who is attracted to the phrase “You will become a successful male”? – She attracts those who have problems with this. And the bigger the problem, the more it all attracts. The pickup itself is a magnet for troubled young people.

It is a huge misconception that a pickup truck offers real methods of getting rid of the psychological problems that almost all pickupers crammed with. Problem pickers try to look like an ideal that is deified in a pickup truck, but because of their internal problems, all their actions turn into squalor.

A pickup truck is a theory that tells you how to behave, what you need to do to like girls. She promotes a certain way of thinking. However, all this is intended for mentally healthy people. If psychologically problematic people fall into this environment, then they, as a rule, either do inadequately, or simply merge with time, failing to integrate into this system.

In addition, people who have always had problems with girls have a lot of grudges against them in their heads, sick pride, and a whole bunch of problems. Therefore, there are so many fucking fucking thugs who pick up on the verge of rape, put the girls in the trash, yell “ass” on the streets and scream to the whole world that they are developing. Why do you think the Neghits have turned out for the majority of “pick-ups” just as a way to humiliate a girl, instead of a way to interest her?
And the next batch of troubled guys with sick pride read their field reports and say to themselves, “I also want these bitches so fuck! Put in the trash! ”

Why are mentally ill people forbidden to use a car? – Yes, because in his hands a good remedy can become a dick understand what. Not only will he be killed, but he will also take people with him. Alas, the pickup does not have such a limiter. And anyone and, more often, people with psychological problems come here. And now think about why in society there is such a negative for pickers? A bunch of complexes, which are thought to the head that they are a role model.

In principle, this is not only in a pickup truck. In ordinary life, the same. How many hyper active classmates merged in school years and now they are a complete amorphous. Their cockroaches are incompatible with their earlier role. When the environment changes and there is no need to be what you are used to seeing, they usually merge.

Another important mistake of a pickup truck is that it instills everything from the outside, not from the inside. And this will never work if inside a person does not have what is necessary.

The only good thing about all this is that these psychological problems are treated. But to get rid of these problems, you need to understand that they have nothing to do with what you “know” about them at the moment. Much may not immediately fit in your head, but if you analyze it, you will understand that it really is. Be prepared for the fact that the picture of the essence of things in your head will radically change.

Now I’ll talk about what is happening in the head of problematic people, which are so many among pick-ups. And why, in most cases, fears do not go away. Take the most common cases.

Psychological problems of communication of people and their solutions. Fears, fixations, anchors.
All internal psychological problems in the communication of people and their causes are hidden exactly where you would never even have thought of looking for them. And they hide so…


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