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Why don’t millionaires marry me?

A note from one bourgeois forum and authorship are already difficult to establish. Here, marriage to a beautiful and arrogant chick is described very well in terms of investment.

A letter from a 25-year-old girl recently wrote on the popular Craig’s List notice board:

What should I do?
I am a beautiful, cheerful, smart 25-year-old girl, not from New York. I want to marry a guy who earns at least 500 thousand dollars a year, because I want to be able to sit at home with our unborn children. I understand how it sounds, but a million dollars a year is today middle-class income in New York, so it’s not too much.
Are there guys on this forum who earn $ 500,000 a year or more, or their wives? Tell me! I met with a businessman who earns about 200-250 thousand a year, but I said to myself: Stop! 250 thousand will not lead me to the house west of Central Park. I know a woman in my yoga class who is married to an investment banker and lives in a beautiful house in Tribeca. I do not think that she is as beautiful as I am, and she is not a genius at all. What did she do right? How can I reach her level?

Her letter did not go unnoticed: a guy who earns more than half a million a year answered her offer as a real financier.

I read your post with great interest, and carefully considered your dilemma. I offer an analysis of your predicament. First of all, I’m not wasting your time in vain: I fit your requirements, as I earn more than $ 500K per year. And here is how I see it all:

Your proposal, from the point of view of a guy like me, is definitely a bad deal, and that’s why. – If you discard all that is superfluous from your letter, you offer a simple deal: you offer your beauty in exchange for my money. Perfectly. But here is the problem: – your beauty will fade, and my capital will only grow … In fact, the probability of increasing my capital is very high, but you certainly won’t become more beautiful! So in the language of economics you are a depreciating asset, and I am a profitable asset. And you are not just a depreciating asset, your value is falling faster and faster!

Let me explain: – You are now 25, and you will surely be attracting the attention of men for another 5 years, but less and less every year. At 35 no one will look at you. Here on Wall Street, we would call you a “trading position,” and marrying you is like buying and holding. But buying you (which you are asking for) is a bad business, so I’d rather rent it.

If my words seem cruel to you, think about this. If my money disappears, so will you; so when your beauty fades, I will need a way to get out of this asset. It is very simple. So a deal that makes sense is a date, but not a wedding.

Separately, I want to note that in my early career I understood a lot about market efficiency. And I am surprised that such a “beautiful, funny, smart” like you still have not found a “daddy”. It’s hard for me to believe that for such an attractive girl, as you describe yourself, $ 500K a year has not yet been found.

By the way, you can always find a way to make money yourself: in this case, we would not have to conduct this difficult conversation.
In general, I want to say that you are on the right track – the classic squeeze and throw strategy. I hope I helped you.
Yes, if you are ready to discuss any rental options – let me know!


Throughout the week, Wall Street office workers forwarded this letter to each other and discussed it.
According to many, now in America a lot of girls think the same way as our heroine, and are ready to rush into the arms of any single financially prosperous man. A special word even appeared for this type of women: they are called “Plastic” (one of the meanings of this word is artificial, far-fetched; fake; superficial).

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