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What women in bed are silent about

I have a great guy, sex love, everything is fine, BUT: I am a hygiene fan, I have an oddity. And he damn somewhere read that women need to hug after sex – I do not argue, lie down together for five minutes and whisper all sorts of words, that’s great. BUT!!! Not 15-20 minutes! He shows tenderness, and I lie and think – that’s interesting, will we peel off from each other or have we already died tightly ?! And shy to say, offended yet …

and mine makes cries and some passionate sounds during cunnilingus – I just can’t concentrate, it seems to me that he’s eating my womb !!!!! Feels like everything is super, but the soundtrack! is it really impossible to silently make a girl pleasant ?!

Christmas tree:
My 5 kopecks: my husband is so keen on the process that he pushes me towards the edge of the bed with his movements, I rest my head against the back and begin to beat my head against this back with each friction. This is very distracting, I tell you! The most interesting thing is that I specifically tried to start lower – he still pushes me to the back and everything repeats! I am silent, so as not to distract him from the process …

and I began to meet with a trimmed MCH, his penis looks like asparagus, I try not to think about it all the time, but associations still arise !!!!!! naturally I am silent about this …….

to Christmas tree
and as soon as we had a characteristic knock on the back in our old bed, we just went down with a laugh … now there’s a sofa without a back under your head, now on the floor from the side of the head a mountain of pillows accumulates)

I hate it when at the most unnecessary moment he stops and asks:
– Finished?
in response usually:
– ??? !!!!!!!
Immediately I think, damn it, it would be better if I did everything myself with my own hands, and did not steam

And mine at the moment of approaching the “finish” begins to grimace. From passion, apparently, overtaking him. And very shy of it. I like this. He begins to lower his face below and bumps into my shoulder so that I do not see it. He’s uncomfortable !!! I can’t say that he was not shy. Suddenly sweat even more? Therefore, you have to imitate “eyes closed from passion” and quietly watch him from under the eyelashes. Then he relaxes, thinking that I do not see him and “finishes” with a passionate growl and some kind of porn moaning!

Fun! I am silent that AFTER beneath me is a terrible puddle 🙂 and that I am running away not because I need to use the toilet, but to wash it off properly. And then it nips, if I leave everything 🙂 AND THIS flows down the legs.

I am silent that I am annoyed by the frequent change of poses – it is certainly creative, but you feel like a rubber doll. I’m not an acrobat, it’s inconvenient for me to kick with my foot behind my ear! But he seems so fond of feeling like super-lovers, who can do this and that, and that and that, okay, let’s shut up. Then we get it))

I usually say everything, because otherwise it’s simply unrealistic … sometimes it starts to lift my legs above my head — then I turn around or just say “no, please” That’s what I sometimes don’t say – it’s just that I don’t want to … well, actually. From a series it is easier to give than to explain why not)

And sometimes I’m just an outdoor switchgear!
Dear, tell me what you like … what you don’t like … finally, a mystery covered in darkness! begins to giggle stupidly, like a girl … and yet he is silent in bed … and he looks like he doesn’t care! He says he’s catching buzz from my buzz … but I can’t catch the buzz if I have even a drop of doubt that my man is happy … So it was continuous experimentation … I noticed when he was pleased, bites his lip, but is silent like a partisan … even his breath is trying to control … Well, and yet … I also sometimes feel like shouting DEEPER! Sharper! Stronger! Also shy ((

but I didn’t say that his gentle words from the vocabulary of the builders do not excite me, but make me freeze in deep thought, does not help. and that jerking on the delicate parts of the body without preliminary heating, on the contrary, works – no result. and in what language to explain this to him? explanatory pictures do?

I look during cunnilingus all on rzhach props !!!! Damn, I opened my eyes once – and he is lying, doing business and kicking his feet, like a child in a clearing with daisies, and here I got a shot at rzhach !!!!! And he is doing this all the time – I’m already lying and thinking – “just don’t look, just don’t look!”

my very funny groans before an orgasm – as so pitifully and lingeringly, as if my grandmother was being strangled. I’m also silent, I’m not talking about it – but every time I’ll dismantle the horror simply!

* I’m embarrassed to tell my beloved: “I don’t need to put my fingers in THERE — you are not a gynecologist !!!”

mine chews during sex my ear. Honestly! If the sex is long, then I go for half a day like an unfinished cheburashka – one ear is huge and raspberry !!! I tried to hint gently – apparently in the process forgets …

What women in bed are silent about
Yana: I have a great guy, sex love, everything is fine, BUT: I am a hygiene fan, I have an oddity. And he damn somewhere read that women need to…


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